Audrey Hepburn inspired Set of 3 artwork

This is something I hadn’t done before but Im always looking for new interesting ways to make great things. Whether it be clothing or Illustrations, I like to see things I haven’t seen before. This set of 3 little ink drawings started with me scribbling on doily whist pre occupied on the phone or something, and It kind of just went from there, I didn’t know what I was doing with it until they were finished, And I love them! Also now available for purchase.

Fashion Illustration Set of 2. Now available at my Etsy store

Set of two original Illustrations and design, created on hand made lace doily textured paper, These are the kind of Illustrations I love doing, They are great for a gift and as an interesting piece of art. only one of each and are now available on ETSY.

NEW ARTWORK now available on ETSY

Not sure what inspired these sort of “Out of the ordinary” pieces. But I must have been feeling anti -fashion that day and have created a couple of super fun, colourful fishy artworks. Bit of fun and a nice change from clothes for me, so safe to say these are a one off. Check them out on Etsy where you can purchase all of my artwork and clothing :)

Sneak preview

So this shot was also taken at our recent engagement party. I decided to wear new pieces, soon to be for sale, the Midnight in Morrocco shorts and kaftan. It thought it to be a good idea as they happened to camouflage into the colour theme of the day, So what appeared to be carefully thought out was effortlessly easy..and landed me a few orders :) Keep watch for these pieces soon to be found at my Etsy store.

The mums.

This shot was taken at our recent engagement party. It really captured the general greatness of the day. This is my mum, and my soon to be mum in law. My mum on the left is my walking advertisement, she is head to toe Teniele Ashlee :) Also is a bit of a preview as the skirt is not yet available but soon to be listed on my Etsy store. Thanks mums xx

Fashion week favourites…Matthew Williamson

Im working on some new pieces at the moment and I’ve been searching for combinations and alternate ways to design around the fabrics I have collected and the colours and prints in those fabrics. I found this collection, colourful, creative, clever…and a helpful inspiration :)

Fashion week favourites….Marchesca

One of those shows where I flicked through the slideshow and loved the next image even more than the one before, these were a few of my favourites. What can I say, I love lace….

Oscars Favourites

What I remember as one of my favourite times as a kid, the oscars. I have to say I still love the hype, maybe because I still have a love of fashion and movies, maybe because I find something magical about the combination. Now thanks to cyberspace, I don’t need to wait for the next day magazines, however now that I can check out the gowns whenever I fancy, its taken me a couple of days.

These are some of my favourites, and I have to say some of the after party gowns were amongst my contenders for best dressed..

Midnight in Morroco

Ive been spending the summer months collecting fabrics, small bits here and there, patchwork pieces, bargain bin stuff, all kinds of knick knacks. I find this the best starting point for me, matching the prints, playing with the colors and feeling the fabrics, it's generally when the ideas or at least inspiration starts flowing through my head. I always tend to lean to one particular style or am attracted to similar things each time i do this, this time with this little bunch of fabrics, I wasn't sure which direction I was heading however, my sub conscious must have. Laying all the fabrics together in a pile, it becomes apparent that whilst all different patterns and colors, I've definitely been planning this maybe without my knowledge, it's a grand little pile of morrocan madness. The patterns clash so well that they somehow work perfectly together, the colors whilst I thought all different at the time of collection, have a common ground and unity that again led my mind straight to midnight in Morroco! Midnight blues, orangey pinks, beige. 
I guess its my mind trying to remind me to keep dreaming of a long morrocan summer holiday...
Let the dreaming begin..